The word “Mediterranean diet” has traditionally been linked with stability and better health, so it’s no surprise that the Italian way of life is healthy. Italians take their food very seriously.

One of the best and most authentic Italian restaurants in London, Casa Tua in King’s Cross and Camden, provides an accurate representation of traditional Italian food, especially pasta, where there’s a wonderful balance between flavour and nutrition to increase performance and energy both for the body and mind.

Pasta is an excellent base for a wonderfully healthy, nutritious, and enjoyable meal. Here are 4 health benefits of eating Fresh Pasta.

It Helps You Be More Productive

When people think pasta is unhealthy, it’s because of its high carb count. However, most people don’t know that it has a low glycaemic index which indicates that it provides energy to the brain slowly over numerous hours. So having a bowl of tasty pasta for lunch is a great idea to avoid feeling tired in the afternoon.

Sustaining Energy

Carbohydrates such as pasta give your mind and muscles the energy that they need. Pasta is a great rich source of dietary fibre, which releases energy slowly and steadily.

Free of Cholesterol and Low Sodium

When you’re trying to keep your cholesterol levels down, pasta is the best food because it’s low in salt and cholesterol-free. Each cup of pasta has several essential nutrients, such as iron and B vitamins.

A Healthy Diet

Complex carbs like pasta should make up a third of our everyday calories. When you mix the pasta with lean meat and vegetables, you get a complete meal that helps you stay on track with your diet.

Where to Buy Fresh Pasta near me in Camden?

If you are looking for an Italian Deli Shop in Camden to buy fresh pasta, you’ll find the most authentic option at Casa Tua Delizie. The pasta is made in-house for you to take home and cook.

If you’re wanting to enjoy an Italian Restaurant dining experience in King’s Cross or Camden, where fresh pasta is prepared for you in a variety of dishes, make sure you visit Casa Tua.

You’ll be spoiled for options when you visit. At Casa Tua, their fresh pasta dishes are made with the best Italian ingredients that their chefs pick out for you to make sure you get a truly authentic Italian food experience.